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Théodore Gouvy Theater

Architectural photography of the Théodore Gouvy Theater in Freyming-Merlebach, France. The old 500-seat auditorium needed to be replaced, and it had also become too small. The theater has become a symbol of the renewal of the city, and its position is generating a new public space in the center of the city. The theater’s programming is multidisciplinary and covers all areas of live performance: classical theater (including the use of large scale sets), contemporary theater, musical theater and opera, dance, etc. The theater ‘Théodore Gouvy’ offers local residents a 700-seat Auditorium, with dedicated areas for artists and logistics. The theater establishes an energetic dialogue with the heterogeneous urban landscape, configuring itself to adjust to the context and logic of the existing flows. Its unusual shape and dimensions give it a vaporous silhouette.



Freyming, Merlebach