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Project: Mediateca Third Place.

Autor: Dominique Coulon & Associés.  

Location: Thionville

Architectural photography of the library and media library of Thionville, France. This project has the ambition to become a new media library model. The project questions the usual functions of a media library, giving it a “third place”, a place where the public becomes an actor of their own condition, a place for creation and reception. The building includes areas for exhibitions, creation, music studios and a café-restaurant. The facade serves as a drop-down ribbon that serves as a backdrop for the different universes holded in the building. The hollow and solid sections produce ambiguity between inside and outside, questioning the limits of public space. The space becomes uncertain: it stops having a clear outline. The light extends along the facade, which distributes light to the heart of the building. A garden ramp offers another escape route to the outside, leading to a summer bar, the highlight of the architectural promenade. In this area new uses are possible: you can take a nap, go on a picnic, read outside or meet as a group. The building is based on a principle of independent systems. The space is fluid and the multiple routes offer points of view constantly renewed. There is no unequivocal reading of space; the perception that each one has reveals an unexpected complexity and wealth. It is a space of freedom.

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